Full Groom 

Bath,Hand Dry,Clip or Scissor Trim, Nail Clip & Ear Clean.

Small Breeds- Yorkshire Terriers, Rough Coated Jack Russell                            £25-£30

Medium Breeds- Cocker Spaniel, West Highland Terrier,Shihtzu                    £30-£35

Large Breeds - Airedale, English Setter, Standard Poodles                                   £45-£65

Labradoodles/Cockerpoos and Poodle Mixes 
Please bring your dog in for an assessment and a price     £35.00-£65.00

Puppy Intros for Puppies 12 weeks to 20 weeks 

Bath, Hand Dry ,Brush,Light Trim and a gentle  introduction to the grooming process.

From £20.00

Bath and Brush and Deshed

Bath, Hand Dry, Brush, Deshed, Nail Clip & Ear Clean.

Small Breeds

Smooth Coated Breeds -Pugs,Jack Russells,Chihuahua                                            £25-£30

Long Coated Breeds -Pomeranian, Shihtzu,                                                                  £30-£35

Medium Breeds- Springer Spaniel, Labradors                                                           £35-£40
Large Breeds -German Shepard, Huskies,Rough Collie                                         £40-£60

Extra Large Breeds- Chow,Old English Sheep Dog,Bearded Collie                  £65-£100

Terrier Handstrips

Handstrip,Bath,Nail Clip & Ear Clean.

From £35.00

Nail Trims Only  £5.00

PRICE GUIDE- All prices are guide prices and will be adjusted if the dog is matted or aggressive please see our dematting policy in the Information tab.